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advanced voiceover classes  

Blue Skies

Time to kick things up a notch? A 6-figure voiceover career doesn't just happen. But with strategy, planning, metrics and competitive analysis, it can happen! Put my 20-plus years of voiceover know-how to work for you.  We'll map out a game plan, set goals, and get to work!   


It's all about implementing changes, adopting new techniques, and helping you make more money!   Not sure which class is right for you?  Don't stress. All my classes are one-on-one and custom-tailored to your needs and skill level.  Click on any class to learn more.  


Voiceover Business Classes - Marketing, Branding & Consulting


Blue Skies

LOVED our time together today and the wealth of your insights. I’m a big fan of cutting to the chase in anything I do, so I really loved your directness and the simplicity of how you problem-solve.  Also, many thanks for going beyond our scheduled end-time. The generosity of your time didn’t go unnoticed.

Our time today was gold for me.

I appreciate you throwing out options that aren't necessarily my having to drop a couple K in $, but also avail me of your guidance and expertise. 

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