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Magical Voiceover Marketing

For those looking to implement or improve their marketing.

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars

Service Description

🎤 Unlock Your Voiceover Brilliance: Elevate Your Brand, Crush Your Goals! 🚀🌟 🌈 Ever found yourself pondering, "Who am I in the vast realm of voiceover? How do I stand out? Where does my voice fit in?" If these questions ring a bell, then buckle up because this class is your compass to navigating the landscape of branding, marketing, and identity. 💡 What We'll Dive Into: Identity Discovery: Unearth your voice-print, your signature sound. Let's delve into the essence of who you are and carve out a brand that screams "you." Competitive Edge: Wondering how to be the voice actor everyone wants? We'll strategize a game plan, set goals, and unleash techniques that make you a standout in the competitive VO arena. Brand Evaluation: What's the word on your brand? We'll dissect your current brand, address the strengths, refine the weaknesses, and craft a brand message that resonates with your audience. Personalized Game Plan: It's not just about talk; we'll walk the walk. Together, we'll create a game plan tailored to your unique journey – one that's actionable, measurable, and geared towards making you more money, faster. 💼 As Your Voice-Over Coach, I Offer: Marketing Partnership: Think of me as your marketing confidante. We'll cover website enhancement, presentation finesse, and overall brand consistency. From email writing to social media mastery, we'll hone every aspect. Consultative Support: Need help with keywords, graphic design, or crafting the perfect narrative about yourself? Consider me your go-to consultant. We'll collaborate to find what works seamlessly for you. 💰 The Bottom Line: Out-Brand Your Competition: As your coach, I'll spill the secrets on how to out-business your competition, find your niche, and connect with buyers who need your unique sound. Maximize Earnings: It's not just about honing your craft; it's about turning that talent into dollars. I'll teach you the strategies to maximize your earnings in the lucrative world of voiceover. 🌟 Ready to Redefine Your Voiceover Journey? Each class is recorded live, so note taking is optional! Let's Connect! Sign-up to embark on a journey of self-discovery, brand elevation, and accelerated success in the thrilling universe of voiceover,

Cancellation Policy

All class payments are due prior to the class date and time. You may cancel and reschedule a class up to 24 hours prior to the class. Cancellations of less than 24 hours are subject to a $150 penalty.

Contact Details

+ 704-674-8294

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