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Jonathan Popp

Once in a while, I meet a voice actor who is so talented, and has such an interesting and unique sound, that I'm stunned they have not been in the industry longer! 

Jonathan Popp is one of those talent. 

Jonathan reached out to me in early 2024 asking for help with his demo and marketing. His ultimate goal, like so many, was to make more money, obtain better clients, and gain a spot on some agency rosters. 

I'm very hands-on when working with a voiceover actor.

So, let's take a step by step look at what I did to help him. 

The process

meet & Greet

We met in January when Jonathan booked one of my Free Consultations.

We talked about his goals, current struggles, and needs. I listened to his demo, reviewed his website, and became familiar with his work and skills.  


a new sound

About a week later we met again. Jonathan elected to take my Conversational Skills class.  It quickly became clear that he was a skilled actor, trying to sound like something he wasn't. So we got to work on a more natural, conversational delivery. I also took the time to review his studio sound and make certain it was "up to code."

honing his


Our second and third class (on Valentine's Day) was about helping Jonathan identify, embrace, and LOVE his real sound.  We also began to identify the marketing benefits of that sound and to implement a plan for an updated marketing message. 

Out with Old


With a new sound locked in, graphic design changes on the way, and a minor website facelift, I began to gather scripts.  It had been decided previously that Jonathan's existing demo was not a complete teardown but a refresh. I presented him 6 scripts that we narrowed to 4. 

Demo Recording

Our session took about an hour via Zoom with Jonathan recording locally in his studio. We recorded all 4 scripts multiple times and ways to explore their best presentation and mark the takes that would be selects. 

Post Production

My team and I fully produced four new spots (knowing we would probably only use 3.)  Sound design was especially important since we created a few homemade sound effects for his demo.  We also cut back his existing demo and merged the new segments with the old. Upon presenting the new demo to Jonathan, we made a few more cut downs at his request and made a slight change to the order.

The Before

Old Demo

The After

Screenshot 2024-04-15 083809.jpg
old site

ready to see/hear the after?

jonathan Popp Demo 2024
Smarmy to Spectacular. 
Announcer heavy to Authentic.

YOU'VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gabby this is so damn good!!!!  I love it!!!!!!  Hard part is deciding which spot is best, they are all beyond excellent.  

What Comes Next? 

Jonathan will be rolling out his new message along with a new direct marketing sales strategy & agent campaign.

It's gonna take hard work and dedication on his part. But I'll keep you updated on his progress. 

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