Voice Over Demo Production

What does a phenomenal voiceover demo do for you? Soooo many wondrous things! 

It Increases your voiceover bookings and direct voiceover hire opportunities. 

It strategically brand-positions your voice while highlighting the exact benefits your voice can deliver to the audience, consumer, and clients. 

It crafts a confident narrative that says - 'I'm an actor who knows my strengths and plays to them.'

It showcases your signature sound for voiceover talent agents and casting directors - making it easier to get on their rosters.

It gives you a much-needed confidence boost with a portfolio you can be proud of. 

It can also boost your business with purpose-driven, laser-like focus! 

All of my demos are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee -  If you are not completely satisfied with your voice-over demo production we will make revisions until you are. 

so what is the plan?

Glad you asked! Let's break it down!

This is the exact process of how I create your voiceover demo and what you can expect from me as a producer and director. 

marketing plan

It starts here with a meeting to get an in-depth look at your voiceover goals, target buyer & your vocal signature. We work together to create a marketing plan that will best promote & sell you to the buyer of your dreams. I get to know you so that your demo reflects who you are and how you want to be heard. 



I take the data from our marketing meeting and craft a list of potential brand-name buyers. These are the companies you dream of doing voiceover for! I start with national brand, real, actual copy and customize it to fit your voice,  style and marketing plan.  Because a fabulous demo requires killer copy. 

Custom direction

Next, we schedule a directed session. You can come to my studio in Charlotte, NC or I will remote connect to your studio.  I'm going to help you achieve the best read for each script while focusing the spotlight on your personality and talent. We will also explore new techniques & address any audition concerns.  

Expert Production

 My production team is made up of full time, working-in-their-field, audio mavericks. We know what buyers want and the type of audio presentation that will impress them most.  I have cultivated life-long relationships with my demo producers and they are just as invested in your success as I am.  Hear examples of our demos below.

ready to make some demo magic?

Commercial Demo

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Corporate Demo

Narration Demo

Narration Demo

In-Show Demo

In-Show Demo

Radio Imaging Demo

Radio Imaging Demo

TV Promo Demo

TV Promo Demo


wait, What if i'm not ready?

Whether you need some class time to prepare for your new demo or some extra help with marketing and selling your demo once it's complete, I've got you!  I offer a 3 class package at a special rate so that we can create a demo that is epic!  Still not sure? I won't make a demo for you unless I am absolutely certain that we can make a magical masterpiece. 

This specially priced package is not for beginners or new voiceover actors. In this series of 3 classes I prepare you to refresh an existing voiceover demo or add a new d...
VO Demo Preparation Series

Julie Williams

Voiceover Coach / Actress

I was blown away by the direction & production of the demos produced for me by Gabrielle Nistico! 

Aimee Gironimi


Okay, first of all - I got freaking TEARY-EYED listening to my demo. Holy, WOW, you brought me to the next level! Seriously - I’m in love with it.   All of it is just more than I could’ve hoped for or imagined.

Mara Juno

Los Angeles, CA

When it came time for my first radio imaging demo, I knew exactly who to call. I wanted to create a demo that was fun, engaging, sassy and truly let my personality shine through. Gabby Nistico totally delivered 100%!! 

Laurel Thomas

Frisco, TX

We finished my promo demo on Friday. I just booked my first gig from it on MONDAY!!! I love you. That is all.

Tony Cobb

:Los Angeles, CA

Wow! That's in the pocket! Don't want to sound all fawning and stuff, but...it's damn smooth. Thank you, it's perfect and I love it. You got all the tasty stuff out of me and then painted it proper in post. 

Garfield Maitland

New York, NY

My demo with was such a hit that it landed me a meeting with CESD Talent Agency the day after I sent it.

Liz Solar

Boston, MA

Okay, you are all kinds of awesome. You nailed this. Working with you has been a fun and extraordinary experience. You get me, and that feels great. Thanks!

Let's gab

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