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bespoke Voice Over Demos

There are a lot of great options to consider when looking for someone to create your voiceover demo.  I'm stoked and honored that you're considering me.  I want to take a moment to tell you why my demos are different and what you can expect from me as a producer and director. 

From start to finish, your demo is 100% you. Every word, sound effect, music bed, and performance has been painstakingly selected to increase your voiceover bookings. 

My demos strategically brand-position your voice, while highlighting the exact benefits your voice can deliver to the audience, the consumer, and clients. While also showcasing your signature sound for voiceover talent agents, and casting directors - making it easier to get on their rosters.

In fact, the process is so involved and selective that I create a maximum of 12 demos per year. It's literally all I have time for.  Click for demo samples.

marketing plan

We meet to get an in-depth look at your goals, and vocal strengths. We work together to create a marketing plan that will best promote and sell you to the buyer(s) of your dreams. I take the time to really get to know you so that your demo reflects who you are and how you want to be heard. 



I take the data from our marketing meeting and set about selecting national brands that will be featured on your demo and procuring real voiceover copy.  Real, actual copy is selected and customized it to fit your voice, style and marketing plan.  

Custom direction

Next, we schedule a directed session. You can come to my studio in Charlotte, NC or I will remote connect to your studio.  I'm going to help you achieve the best read for each script while focusing the spotlight on your personality and talent. 

Expert Production

 My production team is made up of full time, working-in-their-field, audio mavericks. We know what buyers want and the type of audio presentation that will impress them most.  I have cultivated life-long relationships with my demo team and they are just as invested in your success as I am.  

ready to make some demo magic?

Demo Payment Plan



3 easy payments for the demo of your choice

Valid for 3 months

wait, What if i'm not ready?

Demo Preparation



3 Classes to get you demo ready

VO Demo Preparation Series

+++ for working pros only

Performance and read prep

Help marketing and selling your demo once complete

don't need a whole new demo?

video voiceover demos - brand new!


voiceover demo Samples


Blue Skies

Um I love it!!!!! 


My new demo feels like me! Like my brand: Voiceovers with a smile!


I let my mom hear it and she said, “wow she really captures who you are in those! That’s really cool!” 


Thank you so much! 

Blue Skies

I just wanted you to know that I booked a Dallas TV commercial from the demo you produced. No audition, just the demo.  In case people think I'm not a real person or a plant of some kind, feel free to have them reach out to me.  I will set them straight.  

I talked with lots of coaches before I met you, but my gut told me that you were my girl. I know I made the right choice.

Blue Skies


Holy sh+t, thanks Gabby, this demo f+++ing rules.

 I'll need to listen to it until the hype wears down, But I'm blown away at the moment.

Honestly, I'm so ecstatic with this. It's so professional, and brings out my range. Man, it's so good! 

You've been amazing and obviously I couldn't have done this without you! 

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