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video voiceover demos

I'm often asked - "What tool or resource do you recommend to voiceover actors." 

My answer is YouTube.  As a Google property, YouTube videos are prioritized in Google search results and YouTube's internal search engine is a very powerful tool too.  

There are two main ways that voiceover actors can benefit from YouTube as a search and social platform.

 The first is to create your own playlist with video content that features your voice. 

The second is with video versions of your voiceover demos.


If you've already tackled the audio revolution, it's time to make the most of the video revolution! 

why make a video demo?




People love video for it's multi-sensory experience. It's 100 times more engaging than audio alone. 

be ahead of

the curve

Video is where it's at! Motion picture capturing has evolved at such a spectacular rate that every company, content creator, charity and community utilizes video production. And it's only got one place to go. UP. 




Voiceover actors are being found and cast via YouTube!

I can attest to this. Are you getting casting inquiries from YouTube?  You should be.

A video voiceover demo can be placed on your own YouTube channel for all to see.



Video can help reinforce your brand and support the mood, emotions, and marketing message you want your voice to be associated with. It's much easier to be associated with a performance style when your audience can hear and SEE what you want them to feel. 

video voiceover demo samples

Voiceover Video Demos

Anne Ganguzza - Fast Food Demo
Anne Ganguzza - Fast Food Demo
Play Video

Anne Ganguzza - Fast Food Demo

RM - Why Hire a VO?
Play Video

RM - Why Hire a VO?

John Skovmand Medical Narration Demo
Play Video

John Skovmand Medical Narration Demo

Anne Ganguzza - Medical Narration Video Demo
Play Video

Anne Ganguzza - Medical Narration Video Demo

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