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I'm Gabby...
No seriously,
I talk a lot

Actress. Voice Acting Coach. Author. Speaker.

Entrepreneur. Career Kickstarter.

Dog Mom.  Rock, Gem & Mineral Lover.

Warrior of the Weird. I'm a voiceover mama to many, but make no mistake, I'm a mother++++er. 

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nice to meet you

My Story

Raised in the NYC suburbs,

I started working in radio at the know-it-all age of 14. 

I earned my merit badges in broadcast, audio production, scriptwriting, advertising, promotions & marketing.

I nurtured my creative & entrepreneurial sides equally.

 I make a living doing what I love and loving every freakin' minute from my home in Charlotte NC.

How I help

My voiceover training helps you find your path of least resistance

We can be frugal or fancy, while I help you define your voice and create a plan that sells your voiceover services to an eager buyer.

I put a stop to your VO over-spending and get you focused on success. We'll put away vague and generic notions of your voice, and debut a bold, new version of your voiceover business. 

What I offer

Private, one-on-one voice acting coaching in:

  • commercial voice acting

  • branding & marketing

  • audition techniques

  • radio imaging & TV promo

  • negotiations & buyer relations

  • voiceover business strategy

  • talent agent procurement

 I create voiceover demos too.  As a mentor, I offer you perspective, advice, and a swift kick in the ass when needed.

Successful voiceover training puts business FIRST.

A well-run business including networking, branding, promotions & marketing will succeed.  A voiceover actor who lacks these skills may fail because no one knows who they are, or how to hire them.

Don't be the greatest voice I've never heard!

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B.S. or 'mommy' you.   

Tell you what you want to hear.

Cultivate perpetual students.   

Promise you a fast-track.

Ignore your problem areas.     

 Inflate your ego.

Let you waste your time or money.

           Paint a rosy picture of this industry.            Thumbs-up (or high-five)...I hate that sh!t too.

Why You Should Choose Me As Your Voiceover Coaching 

If you want to make money in voiceovers it takes:




 hard work


Watch this video to learn more about working with me

I've been a voiceover actor for 25 years. I'm behind the mic every day recording for my voiceover clients, in my  own pursuit of voiceover excellence. I spent a number of years 'behind-the-scenes' working in radio, advertising, copywriting, and casting.  I have also taught broadcast performance and voice acting at the collegiate level so, I'm not a self-professed coach, I'm a trained educator. 

I'm a blunt teacher and my voiceover coaching will help you transform into the business owner/entrepreneur you need to be to thrive as a voiceover actor. If you're new and looking to learn more about a career in voiceover, start here.  I offer private voiceover coaching & lessons in my Charlotte, NC studio as well as remote voiceover coaching for those outside the area via Zoom


Even if you've never heard of me... you've heard me. Lego, Ashley Furniture, Invisalign, REI, Walgreens, Harley Davidson, Mastercard, Ikea, Clayton Homes, Whole Foods, Target and Food Network are just some of my credits.  I'm a commercial character actress heard daily on radio, TV, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, in movies, TV-shows, on your phone apps and probably in your living room.  Learn more here


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