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Speech quality, vocal & Audio training

If you are embarking on a creative or corporate endeavor that requires the use of your voice, and audio production, congratulations!

If it scares you to death, I'm 'hear' to help.

I've worked with broadcasters, TV anchors, television show hosts, corporate presenters, podcasters, content creators, and more.


I will help you make the most of your audio and your voice!

The quality of your speech and of the audio you put out matters!

Surveys have shown that consumers are forgiving of poor video quality when consuming digital media.


 However, poor audio quality (or an unpleasant voice) will significantly reduce how long people engage with your content. This can greatly affect your retention of viewers and the efficacy of the material.


I've made a living with my voice my entire career. And no, that's not an exaggeration.

I will help you improve your speech and your vocal presentation.


Want to be a more dynamic, lively, and entertaining speaker? My vocal training is filled with practical techniques to help you achieve your speaking goals. 

Are you struggling with poor sound, equipment issues, acoustic problems, or audio editing? I have over 30 years of experience in audio production for radio, TV, and multi-media content.


I will analyze your unique situation and help you improve your overall quality of sound.


Let's connect so we can discuss your unique needs.

I love helping creators evolve & companies grow!

You'll likely find what you need in my classes, but I'm also happy to customize a class just for you.  

*If you work in the corporate sector, you may be able to have your classes reimbursed or paid for by your employer. I can create a proposal and syllabus based on the company's needs.  


**I also offer corporate group training at a discount. 


Email me to learn more. 


Blue Skies

"I met with Gabby for a vocal assessment, and she provided very practical tips to help improve my performance. The assessment was a working session, so I'd perform, and she'd provide guidance along the way. It helped me better understand how to apply her feedback. If you haven't booked a session with Gabby yet, please do! It's worth every penny. I'll meet with her again in the near future to show my progress."

not sure what to book?

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