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6 classes specially priced at $125 each

  • 1 hour 15 minutes

Service Description

VO 2.0, is a series of 6 voiceover classes for advanced or intermediate voiceover students. This course is designed to help you rocket your voiceover career to the next level. As with all my classes, this training is one-on-one and fully customized to your business and your unique needs. This accelerated learning is for those who want to take their voice acting business to the next level. It includes: Class 1: An In-depth Audition & business Assessment to determine problem areas. Class 2: An advanced class in Copy Interpretation and Script Techniques. Class 3: Choose from a: Studio Assessment or Brand Storming Marketing Class. Class 4: A follow-up to class 2, plus a deeper look at Conversational Voice Acting. Class 5: Voiceover Sales - customized Strategies for Success. Class 6: TBD based on classes 1-5. This class will address any remaining issues. Each class is individually priced at $150. So you get one class FREE! Want to customize it further? We can do that too. This plan will be auto-billed, $250 each month for 3 months - for a total of $750. Each class is 75 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

All class payments are due prior to the class date and time. You may cancel and reschedule a class up to 24 hours prior to the class. Cancellations of less than 24 hours are subject to a $150 penalty.

Contact Details

+ 704-674-8294

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