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HOW TO WORK IN voiceover  

Hey there aspiring voice actor. I'm glad you are here. If you are trying to figure out what you should be doing to make money in voice over, you're in the right place.  

I believe this information will help you to determine if a career in voice acting is right for you. 

Your first goal should be to educate yourself on what exactly a career in voiceovers is and if it is a good fit for your life.  

Please take your time with this process. If you are a hyper-hamster and rush through the learning process, not only will you NOT see results, but you'll waste time and money. 

But what do I know :) - I've only been making a living at this since FOREVER! 

So, I say this with love...

SLOW THE F*&# DOWN! Take your time, enjoy the journey, and focus on your education! 



it's just talking...right?

You can put 20 voiceover actors in a room and it’s likely they will all describe their profession differently. That's because the industries we serve can vary – greatly.

Voiceover is not a single industry. We are a collective of service providers that cater to various indi