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voiceover classes for beginners 

Blue Skies

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did you skip my Getting started page?
don't! go back and check it out now. 

In-person  -   ONE-ON-ONE   -  voiceover classes 

one full year of ONE-ON-ONE voiceover training

Best Value

VO 101: A Year of Voiceover Classes



Every month

+$400 VO 101 Deposit

Valid for 12 months

20-minute onboarding session

12 one-on-one classes with Gabby

3 Pre-recorded video classes

2 of Gabby's Books: VO 101 and Building a Better VO Business

*** $400 deposit is required

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Blue Skies


I WAS SOOOO STOKED to start booking work! 


Just a thank you again for being the BEST coach in the industry, as well as a friend that helps me  when needed. 

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