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virtual voiceover exchange

Unleash your inner voice actor and embark on a transformative vocal journey with acclaimed voice actress and coach, Gabrielle Gabby Nistico. Welcome to the world of the VVE, where voice actors of all levels can master their voiceover potential and reach new career heights.

Gabby Nistico, known for her direct, no b.s approach to coaching as well as her performance abilities, along with her innovative techniques, and magnetic presence, is here to guide you through every step of your voiceover adventure. With decades of experience as a professional voice actor and as a revered coach, Gabby is the ideal mentor to help you refine your skills and tap into your full potential.

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What sets this voiceover training apart is the personalized video feedback. Gabby painstakingly reviews your audio and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your voice acting to the next level. 

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This online voice acting course is designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners looking to grasp the fundamentals to intermediate and advanced actors seeking to expand their repertoire and push the boundaries of their abilities. No matter the voiceover genre you want to work in, Gabby's versatile teaching approach will equip you with the tools, techniques, and knowledge you need to excel.

The Virtual Voiceover Exchange offers an interactive video platform - the first of its kind in voiceover. This unique system allows you to submit audio files of your voiceover performance directly to Gabby, who will provide personalized feedback, guidance, and techniques for improvement. This one-on-one interaction ensures that you receive tailored instruction that caters to your specific needs, enabling you to progress rapidly and overcome any challenges you may encounter along the way.

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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, the VVE with Gabby Nistico will unlock your potential and revolutionize the way you benefit from voice acting classes. 

So, grab your mic, and start your virtual voiceover classes today!

more about the vve from Gabby

VVE's History

It started as a way to find my peers in Charlotte NC. I began offering monthly voiceover networking events and topic-specific discussions. People came from all over the Carolinas to participate. Years later we moved the event online so anyone could participate from anywhere. We were already a virtual group by the time the pandemic hit.  After 10 consecutive years, I needed a break and put the group on hiatus. 

NOW...we're BAAAAAACK!  Completely transformed with an all-new format, that hasn't been done in voiceover before! I like trying new things - and I hope you do too. All I ask is for your patience as we get this new iteration of the VVE rolling.

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Can Anyone Benefit?


Yes! This quick, super-efficient way of getting feedback is taking other industries by storm. As coach and mentor, I have worked with a combination of new & aspiring voice actors, working voiceover talent, and experienced, veteran voiceover performers for the last 25+ years.  My no b.s. style and super direct approach mean I can identify your problem areas FAST.  I can tell you what's working, what's not, and what to do next to further your skills.  

Do I Need A Studio or Voiceover Equipment?


It wouldn't hurt, but it's not essential. These classes can be about your audio quality and or noise floor but if you don't yet have a studio that is ok. The main focus of the Virtual Voiceover Exchange is the number one thing you likely want feedback on...your voiceover performance.  As long as the audio you send me is clean enough that I can hear your performance clearly, you are good to go.  

Can I Ask Questions When I Submit My Audio?


Of course! I ask that you keep the audio short (one performance/file per session) and that you make the question super specific to the audio you are sending. Within a few interactions I will help you answer the questions every aspiring voiceover actor wants to know - Do I have what it takes to be a voice actor?  Can I make a living as a voiceover actor? Am I any good at this? 

 What Should I Expect?


You'll fill out an easy-to-use submission form whenever you want to send me audio of a voiceover performance or practice to review. Within 1-3 business days you'll get a video reply directly from me with your feedback.  Your video will include a few easy-to-follow instructions and practical techniques you can use to improve your voice acting skills.  It's that simple.  No sitting in a lengthy group class that only gives you a few minutes of personalized information. No persistent or nagging upselling either.  You already know how to communicate with me, so I assume you also know how to take a full-length class if you want to. 

I'm Already a Working VO - Will This Benefit Me?


Yes! And in some instances more so than others. If you're already a working voice actor we can laser focus our efforts to work on the precise challenges or issues you are facing in your business at this very moment.  I'll give you quick actionable feedback that allows you to make improvements so you can get back to making money in your studio. 

 What Are You Planning For The Future?


Ooooh I'm so glad you asked. As I mentioned earlier, I'm basing this model on something that has been done with outrageous success in other industries. I'd love to be able to one day offer the videos I share with you as a back-catalog where voiceover students could eventually learn from me as well as one another. I'm also planning on eventually offering special videos and custom content just for VVE members. This will take time to create.  However, I'm optimistic that if we work together, this new VVE could revolutionize voiceover learning.  Wanna be an early adopter of something epic?  Let's do this! 

VVE Options

Choose Your VVE Experience

Three Convenient Options

  • One Session Per Month

    Every month
    One Personalized Feedback Video
     7 day free trial
  • Two Sessions Per Month

    Every month
    Two Personalized Feedback Videos
     7 day free trial
  • Best Value

    Four Sessions Per Month

    Every month
    4 Personalized Feedback Videos
     7 day free trial


I just wanted to let you know that the VVE is amazing. I wish I could pay you MORE money for that session because it was one of the most informative training I've ever had And for $15?!  :)
 - Kathleen 'Kat' Negron, Fairfax VA

Informative, professional, and enlightening.  A must for those considering voiceovers. What a wonderfully informational video!

I appreciate the opportunity to learn from the industry's best and most knowledgeable!

 - Mary-Jo Jackson 

Best $15 bucks EVER spent! 

- Drew Montgomery

Gabby did a great job covering all the little things. I'm still new enough that this gave me better info on what to do next. 

- Sean Mahan, Voice Over Artist, Service-Disabled Veteran

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