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Rate Life Raft

Struggling with what to quote and charge? All-Aboard!

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars

Service Description

🎙️ Master Your Rates: Voiceover Pricing Made Simple! 💰🌟 🌈 Let's talk rates – the sometimes perplexing, often mystifying world of pricing in the voiceover industry. I'm here to demystify the complexity and turn your rate-setting journey into a stress-free breeze. 💡 Why Rates Matter: Setting rates can feel like navigating a labyrinth. There's the advice you get, and then there's the reality of what clients are willing to pay. It's time to ditch the confusion and embrace a customized approach tailored just for you. 🚀 What I Bring to the Table: Customized Rate Strategy: No more one-size-fits-all. We'll tailor your rates for various voiceover categories, ensuring you get paid what you're worth for every gig. Understanding the 'Why': Ever wondered why some voiceover actors charge what they do? I'll unravel the mystery, helping you grasp the logic behind pricing strategies in the industry. Stress-Free Process: This essential process shouldn't keep you up at night. Let's make it stress-free, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to set rates that reflect your value. 💰 Why Trust Me: Industry Insight: With years of experience in the performance realm, I understand the ins and outs of voiceover rates. I'll share the industry secrets that make rate-setting a breeze. Practical Guidance: It's not just about what people say; it's about what clients accept. Get practical insights that bridge the gap between theory and reality in the competitive VO market. 💬 Ready to Take the Rate Plunge? Each class is recorded live, so note taking is optional! Let's Chat! Rates shouldn't be a headache. Say goodbye to rate stress and hello to confident pricing in the world of voiceover! 🌟🎤

Cancellation Policy

All class payments are due prior to the class date and time. You may cancel and reschedule a class up to 24 hours prior to the class. Cancellations of less than 24 hours are subject to a $150 penalty.

Contact Details

+ 704-674-8294

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