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Other VO Talent: Friends or Competitors?

The answer to the title of this post should be glaringly obvious but it’s not for many talent. The answer is friend. Voiceover is one of the few industries in the performance field where the peer support for one another is overwhelming. We are all one big happy family.

Fellow VO talent offer you tremendous wisdom and insight. By meeting and making friends with other talent you stand to learn about new technologies, new industry trends, tricks for marketing and finding work, plus the best companies to hire and work for.

There is enough VO work to go around that you should never treat your fellow actor as the enemy. In fact you should welcome their expertise and insight into your business model. Voiceover talent who under cut, under mind and shy away from other talent run the risk of being in the dark on a host of important industry happenings. You won’t be able to navigate an ever changing industry for long without some help.

If you are new to VO then you can start to friend find by doing a simple Google search for talent in your area. Begin by typing in your city’s name and the word ‘voiceover’ and a good number will likely pop up. Once you find some folks introducing yourself in a quick email is all it takes to make some new buds.

Beginners and experienced talent alike will find a host of networking opportunities and community interaction on voiceover related blogs and social network sites. There are also a number of regular social events & conferences for voiceover talent.

Still the most common place to meet folks face to face is at classes, workshops and seminars. Make sure to obtain contact info from fellow class mates and begin a dialogue via email shortly after. The Beatles said it best; you’ll have an easier time getting by with a little help from your friends.

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