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Use All Your Senses

Portland voiceover agency In Both Ears gave me food for thought today. They sent a wonderful email to their talent and clients about using all five of your sense to tackle a job. This is such a unique and interesting approach to voice acting that I had to share it.

Since the Covid-19 lock down has left us with little to do but ponder how to improve our business and use our senses to make the most of this situation. Just keep the touching to a minimum! Seriously, no touching!

The email gives examples of some really inventive thinkers in the wake of this global crisis. And it highlights the following message.

Step back and look at what you are working on. Try looking at it from a different perspective. With new eyes. Consider this fun exercise that is used to teach actors sensory memory. It encourages them to ingest an experience through all five senses: 1) How does this word/script/product smell?  2) What is the sensation of touching it? 3) What sticks out (or doesn’t) when you look at it - really look at it? 4) What does it sound like in all circumstances? 5) What do the words feel like in your mouth - or depending on the product, what does it taste like?

Though it may seem silly, it could open up a whole new way of thinking about your product and your work -- an authentic way to share that experience with the customer.Use this time as a chance to look at your work in a new way, try a different angle on something you thought you mastered, or test drive something new entirely.

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