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Coach or Critic – What Makes a Great Voiceover Instructor?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

There is a great demand for training & education in our industry, despite how small an industry it is.  Most voiceover coaches teach very similar concepts & say many of the same things – especially to beginners. It’s their different coaching methods, ideas, & approaches that make the voiceover world go-round. So what makes a great voiceover coach?

A great coach should be: 

  • Sought out by top talent in the industry.

  • Able to offer industry insight into the area of voiceover they specialize in, not just performance tips.

  • Honest about your strengths, weaknesses and overall abilities.

One of the greatest benefits of a voiceover coach is that they can help you to evolve your skills by looking at things in new ways. They challenge you. They can also help you achieve sounds and reads you did not know you were capable of.

It’s always good to have a conversation with a potential coach about how you prefer to receive praise and criticism. Know what types of praise and or criticism motivate you. Some coaches are excellent nurturers. Others are harsher and more stringent. If harsh criticism will fuel you to do better, look for a coach that will motivate you by rattling your cage.

A voiceover coach’s job is to advise you of potential problems and how to fix them. But you should never be left feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Nor should you feel like you have to “figure out” what your coach is saying. It’s their job to tell you where you went wrong and offer you multiple solutions. That’s what you are paying for. So, If your voiceover coach is spending too much time criticizing, and not enough time coaching it might be time to move on to a different coach.

You should expect that your voiceover coach will offer you a complete and well rounded education. Especially when working with an industry specific coach. After your time with them you should feel confident that your goals can be met. Talk to potential coaches about a reasonable time table of learning and creating a plan of action for performance, business and technical knowledge. It may take time but if both you and your coach are dedicated to your success it won’t be far behind.

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