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Voiceover Business Cards - You Need Them

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

“Yes – I do have my own business card. There are still people out there without them?” - Aly Steel, Voice Actress.

With more marketing avenues than ever, voiceover talent have what seems like a limitless number of ways to market their services. To many people, business cards seem like a thing of the past. But there is still value in having a card.

A good looking card lets people know that you are serious about your business and that you are a professional. If you’ve ever been caught without a card when asked for one, you know how embarrassing that can be. A business card is also a great way to show off your brand and to add to the consistency of your marketing material. Likewise it’s a cheap way to drive traffic to your website and get people to listen to your demos online.

On the other hand many talent feel that their job doesn’t allow them to be at social settings often enough to give out a business card and reap its full benefits. Depending on the type of voiceover you specialize in, you may find that you rarely, if ever, leave your home studio. Voice talent Linda Bruno has a thriving voiceover career and had this to say, “I have one and have never really given it out!  Never had to.”

My own experience is similar. I have business cards for both my voiceover and coaching services. I usually end up tossing lots of unused cards whenever I update my marketing or graphics. So try not to over-print.

You business card is part of your professional voiceover presentation, and you should have a card that works in conjunction with the rest of your marketing material. Your card should not clash with the rest of your visuals.

Bob Bergen makes some great points about talent who invest money into a great business card before their voice is ready. “I do [have a business card]. Though, I'm more surprised at how so many folks spend more time working on clever business cards rather than good demos OR classes to get their demos ready! I find so many have expensive mics and clever business cards, but don't have the talent or the tools to back up the mic and card investment.” – Bob Bergen

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