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To Use Your Photo or Not and Why

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

To include pics or not to include pics? That is THE voiceover question. The opinions on this issue run pretty hot. I talked to some of the industry’s leading talent about the methods that work best for them. Here are some of their responses.

“NEVER!  You will be judged vocally by the way you look!  This was much easier in the old days.  It was simple to just not include a picture on your demo packaging.  But with the web, your picture is bound to be there someplace. If people have the time they will find your picture, but chances are they won't. Time is money, and those checking out what you have to offer in voiceover are probably too busy to check out your looks. Unless they are looking for a date.” – Bob Bergen

“In my opinion, a photo is irrelevant. 95% of my clients have never met me face to face and they hired me based on my voice and what I can do in a booth.” – Linda Bruno

“ some materials, because it puts a human behind the voice...but NOT if it counteracts your branding.” – Julie Williams

“No, talent should not market themselves with their own image. It predisposes your audience to what they think you sound like. Not what you actually sound like.”  - Ed Victor

“NO.  They are hiring a voice, not a face (or a realtor).  While an attractive shot MIGHT help you if you happen to be good looking, I believe it could just as easily work against you.  Your voice is what they want.  Don’t confuse them.” – Ian James Corlett

My findings have been that it is best to leave photos off of voiceover marketing materials. You may or may not look the way you sound. And if your face and your voice don’t match it can negatively affect how people perceive your services. It is wise to invest money towards branding and graphic design. The goal should be to visually capture how your voice sounds.

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