Top 3 Things Talent Can Do to Get a Major Market Agent

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I asked 100 of today’s top voiceover talent what you can do to get an agent in a major market. It’s a goal most talent hold high and it’s important to know and understand exactly what agents in cities like NY, LA and Chicago are looking for. The results are below.

  1. 92% of the talent interviewed said you must have an outstanding demo. Demos are mostly subjective but there are some simple rules that allow a demo to exceed industry expectations. First, research the standards for each voiceover genre in which you plan to make a demo. Train with coaches that can explain these standards in detail. Never write your own copy. Do not self direct. Rely on the expert skills of a trained voiceover coach and lastly, do not self produce. Hire a skilled producer who is known for creating stellar voiceover demos.

  2. 75% of the talent interviewed said you should have a great referral. It’s important to have friends. Other voiceover talent are not only a wealth of hints and advice, but they may be your golden ticket to a high powered agent. Meet and mingle with talent that might become lasting friends and referrals. But choose wisely; a referral needs to be someone the agent works with and respects.

  3. 84% of the talent we interviewed said to have a great resume of coaches and instructors. The right teachers are key to your success. Each coach should have a clear area of expertise. Research a coach’s reputation within the industry and find out how well connected they are. Speak with their former students as well. One coach may not be all you need. Many talent find that training with a variety of coaches helps them to fast track their goal of landing a big agent.

Here’s what else some of the voiceover talent we interviewed had to say:

“…be persistent but not annoying and able to take criticism.” – Aly Steel

“Be brilliant!Pretty good won't get an agent. No one needs another voice. They have all the voices they will ever need. What they don't have is you. Your style, your heart, your sense of humor, your brain, your own individuality. Your brand. This is what will set you apart from everyone that the agent already represents. Your brand needs to be established within the first 4 seconds of your demo.” - Bob Bergen

“… clear, concise branding.”- Mandy Kaplan

“…prove that you can stick to it (the business) and not give up.”– Ian James Corlett

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