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How to change your voice as a voice actor! #shorts

Is it important to change your voice as a voice actor? How do you do it? How do you know if you've done it right? Gabby's back with a quick tip to help with just that. #shorts

How to change your voice as a voice actor! #shorts - 0:56

Hey there, just doing some quarantine chores, you know how it goes. But I want to talk to you today about something that is really, really helpful for voice actors. I get asked a lot about how people should change their voice. "Should I try to be higher?" "Should I try to be Lower?" "Should I worry about where my pitch is?" Everybody always trying to figure out what to do with their voice. The irony of it is I don't want you to worry about that at all. I want you to figure out the mood of a piece. Change your mood, not your voice. Your voice doesn't matter. It's kind of like changing your clothes. So remember when you were a kid and you got told to change your attitude? That's actually the best voiceover advice you ever got. You just didn't know it. Change your mood not your voice. Gotta get back to my chores now. Go...

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