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How Often Do You Redo or Refresh Your Voiceover Demos?

With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to update and refresh your demos on a continuous basis. How often you refresh your demo is totally up to you, but the norm seems to be once every year to two years. How do you know when it’s time to revise a demo?

One basic method is to update a demo almost continually. Voice Actress Marian Massaro said that she updates her demo very often, “Anytime I do a job that I believe will be good to have on my demo, I’ll revise it.” Actress Mandy Kaplan applies the same method as Marian. Mandy commented, “When I have a new impressive spot that I am proud of, it goes on the demo.”

By following the advice of these two ladies you’ll never have a stale demo. Voiceover coach and talent Julie Williams had this to say about the topic, “When I feel like apologizing when I send them [the demos] out. Then I know I've out grown them.”

Most talent have experienced that feeling. You wake one day and forward your demo for consideration and suddenly you realize it’s no longer a good representation of your ability. If your demo leaves you feeling a little embarrassed then it’s absolutely time to redo it.

No talent can afford to become demo complacent. Take a moment today and listen to your current demo line-up. Scrutinize what you hear. A stale demo is as bad as cold coffee. (Not the intentionally cold-brewed kind!) Ask yourself. . . is it time for a warm-up?

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