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How much do Voice Actors get paid? - The NoBS truth about what VO actually pays.

If you're considering a career in VO, what can you expect to earn? How much money is there really in Voice Over work? In this video, Gabby breaks down how much voice actors are paid based on how long they've been in the industry.

How much do Voice Actors get paid? - The NoBS truth about what VO actually pays. - 3:40

How much money do voiceover actors actually make? How much money do we make in a year? Well, let's stop talking about chump change and actually get into some real dollars. Today's video is going to cover it.

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of The Gift of Gab. Today we are going to talk about how much money voice actors actually make. Well, I can tell you it's a hell of a lot more than this! Let's get into some actual figures and talk about what you can expect to make as a working professional.

I'm going to assume you're not a student anymore and you're actually working full-time in voiceover, so we're gonna start from that parameter to determine what average salaries look like. Your first-year voice actor is typically gonna be looking at $20,000 or less on average. Can that always be different? Yeah, of course. Are there variables? Yeah of course, you never know exactly what opportunity you're gonna come by. But I like to keep the numbers fairly conservative because, realistically, you're just getting going and you've got to give your career time to actually ramp up.

So, five-year voice actors are gonna be in the $30-$50,000 range. Could be a little bit more, could be a little bit less. Of course, individual experience and opportunity are gonna play a huge role in that, but generally speaking, that's a safe number for an individual and what they can be expecting to bring in. It's a number to be able to say hey, am I where I think I should be? Am I stacking up against the competition?

Major market SAG/AFTRA voice actors, people that are doing high profile jobs, gaming, animation, and lots of broadcast work, they're easily $100,000 or more a year. Veterans, people who brought in a really long time people who have a name for themselves and that's a pretty well-established, like myself, anyone who really has a really hefty client roster that they're carrying, you're going to expect to see something between $250,000 and $500,000 a year.

Lastly, we've got what is definitely the 1%ers, right? It's not to say it's impossible, but these are rare. There are people in voiceover making $1 million-plus. Yeah, they are celebrity-level voice actors. Now I'm not talking about celebrities; I'm not talking about somebody who has a day job on camera. I mean just voiceover actors who are really, really proficient, extremely well sought out, or part of a major recurring TV show or movie franchise, or just somebody who really books an exceptional amount of high profile jobs. Typically speaking, the more unique your voice is, the more earnings potential you have, the more you hustle, the more potential you have, and lastly, the younger you get started, the more earnings potential you have.

So I hope this helps. I know it's a really broad range and it's kind of hard to say exactly where you'll fall, but I wish you a ton of success and I hope that this was helpful for your voiceover career. If you like what I'm doing please make sure to like and subscribe.

Also if you haven't had checked it out, this video right here is pretty in-depth if you're new to voice over, if you are looking to understand exactly how this crazy business works in detail, so that you can get to that six figures plus a year earnings - this is the one to do it.

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