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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

My online voiceover group The Virtual Voiceover Exchange began as a Meetup Group in Charlotte N.C. There are valuable voiceover groups in many cities and states. I did some digging and found all the groups below! Give these a try. Or if you're area doesn't have a voiceover event or group, you should consider starting one!

North Carolina

The Charlotte Voiceover Exchange


Voice-Over Talents, Actors, and Singers - Burbank

VOICES of Sacramento

BOOKABLE - Calabasas

All Star Voices - Burbank

Los Angeles Voice Actors Meetup

Voices Anonymous - Burbank

VO PEEPs - Irvine


New York

Storytellers of New York

NYC Voiceover Meetup Group

Heard Around Buffalo

Voice Talent Acting Up in NYC Meetup Network Workshop


The Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group - Collin County & Dallas

Amarillo Voice Overs and Audiobook Narrators


Front Range Voice Over Workshop Group


New Orleans Voice Actors (NOVA) Meetup


Seattle Voice-Over Meetup

South Carolina

Southeastern Voice Actors Network - Greenville


Portland Voice Over Meetup!


Des Moines Audio Production Meetup


Voiceover Actors in Cleveland - Columbus

Voice Over Pros of Central Ohio

Washington, DC

The (DMV) Artists Collective


VoiceoverCity - Jacksonville


VoiceoverCity - Atlanta

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