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Voiceover Demos: Setting Your Expectations

Demos are always a hot topic for VO talent. We need them. But one of the hardest challenges with demos is setting expectations. Some talent feel so comfortable with their chosen demo creator that they trust them fully and are usually thrilled with the outcome.

Know yourself before beginning the demo making process. If you tend to be a smart or a picky shopper then you should approach your demo much in the same way you would buy a new TV. Ask tons of questions, find out the “store” policy, and most importantly, know your expectations.

Talking openly and honestly with a demo creator about your wants and desires is essential. You have to know what you want your demo to accomplish. What attributes of your voice do you want to highlight? What read do you absolutely have to have on the demo?

Producers are not mind readers. You need to have a concept. A demo is, in the end, your creation. It has to be guided by you. If you keep your expectations quiet or fail to give one you likely won’t get the demo you want.

Yes it’s true, we are very close to our own voices and it can sometimes be hard to separate ourselves from the demo creation process in order to be objective. But your voice is still your product. A retailer always has an opinion about the inventory they stock and the merchandise they offer. Likewise you need to have a strong feeling about your voice and its strengths and weaknesses.

Think of this process like buying new clothes. Most of us know what styles and colors look good on us and what pieces of clothing will enhance or devastate our appearance. The same must be true when it comes to your voice. You need to enter the demo process with a sense of what reads and deliveries will enhance your voice. If you aren’t certain, then you need to express these concerns with a potential demo producer and see what solutions they can offer. A great producer will act like a personal stylist and will confirm or condemn your thoughts about a read.  

Since only 1-2 years of use is average for a voiceover demo, a demo you don’t feel comfortable with may need to be revised in as little as 6 months. That’s a lot of wasted money for a very short time.  Being proactive in the demo creation process will not only result in a better demo, but it will allow you to feel proud and secure in the demo that will be achieved. It may too result in a demo with a longer life span.

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