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Voiceover isn't voice-over any more. It's...

When you're in you're booth, auditioning, reading for a client. You're never alone. You have a buddy. Gabby lays out just who that is.

Voiceover isn't voice-over any more. It's... - 4:44

Hey folks, welcome to another installment of The Gift of Gab. Today, I want to dive into the often overlooked aspect of voiceover—the co-star. We usually don't give much thought to our voiceover co-star, considering it's typically a solo endeavor during recording sessions. But who or what exactly is our co-star? Stick around to find out.

Now, when it comes to voiceover, especially in projects involving video, we're not always the solo star. In fact, more often than not, we play the role of a co-star. Whether it's utility jobs or commercial work, many voiceover projects accompany a video. So, how do we navigate this dynamic without stealing the spotlight from the video? Well, it starts with being aware of the script and project guidelines.

Many scripts provide clues, such as "sides"—where the script is divided into voiceover/audio and video components. Look out for terms like "SOT" (sound on tape), indicating the integration of video. The language of the script is another giveaway. If it references something unseen but interacted with, chances are there's a video component.

Now, here's the key takeaway: in video projects, don't see yourself as the voiceover star; see yourself as the voice under. Embrace subtlety and approach the performance with understated finesse. Clients usually want the video to shine, not to be overshadowed by the voiceover. Let the visuals take the forefront, and you become the supporting player—sharing the stage with the video.

So, when faced with video projects, go in with a more subdued, understated performance. It might feel a bit casual or even border on the boring side, and that's perfectly okay. Most people casting for video projects are looking for that. Remember, you're complementing the visuals, not competing with them.

I hope these insights help. If you've got questions or need assistance, especially in your commercial work, reach out to me at I'm here to connect and assist. Take care, and thanks for tuning in.

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