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Voice Over Inflection (You're Doing It Wrong!) Part 2

Part 2 to Gabby's first video on inflection. Check out her first video here:

Voice Over Inflection (You’re Doing it Wrong!) Part 2 - 3:10

Sometimes when you’re looking at a piece of copy, you’re going to see words that are in all caps. Now, a couple little things about this. Back in the day when I got started in this industry, it was very, very, very common for copywriters in radio and television to keep their scripts in all caps all the time. It was just sort of a lazy habit, I think. I don’t know. I don’t really know why it was done. I just know that it was. Most radio copywriters especially, literally just all the scripts, all caps, all the time. So if you see a script that’s in all caps, don’t mistake that for what is now commonly thought of as text speech. It’s not an indication of volume, it’s not an indication of yelling, it’s not an indicator that you should be performing the entire piece super, super loud. That’s not what’s happening. They just chose to write the script in all caps. It’s probably an older person who has written it, and that’s just what they’ve always done.

Now sometimes what you’re also going to see is moments in your script, little times where you have material in all caps. In “Journey,” towards the bottom, the second stanza, “that’s why you can compare new and used cars YOUR way.” Well, the “your way” is in all caps. Again don’t mistake this for what has now become these weird text language deciphering moments of how people communicate with text messages and digital communications, email. That’s not what’s going on with script writing. They are in no way, shape or form alluding to anything like that. It’s two completely different mediums. One has nothing to do with the other.

So again we see a lot of people do this. “That’s why you can compare new and used cars [loudly] your way!” [normal] It’s ridiculous. [laughs] It’s goofy sounding, and again, kind of just off putting. It has no place within this script. That scriptwriter is trying to communicate a different message to you as the voice actor. They’re telling you that they want those capitalized words to have more meaning. Again, they’re talking about colorization. They’re talking about inflection. They’re talking about making those words move and do something more interesting on the page. So instead you want to opt for “that's why you can compare new and used cars your way.” Keep these things in mind. Just little notes, probably things you didn't know before. And that's really all it comes down to. You don't know what you don't know. Now that you do, stop yelling at me! See you later.

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