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Voice Actor HOT TIP! --Stop Stopping!!-- #shorts

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

BOOM! More amazing advice from the VoiceOver Vixen, Gabby Nistico! In this quick episode, Gabby hits us up quick with some super solid advice. STOP STOPPING! #shorts

Voice Actor HOT TIP! --Stop Stopping!!-- #shorts - 0:50

Tip for you today, for new voice actors. You've been doing this thing for a bit, you've been practicing getting scripts, you're on your mic, all of that's awesome. So today, I want to remind you to stop stopping. What do I mean by that? Forward momentum only. Here's the deal, guys. Anytime you make a mistake in your script and you stop and you start all the way back at the beginning, you're not doing yourself any favors. You're actually over practicing those early lines and you're becoming, in a way, dependent on the copy. Just stop doing it. When you make a mistake, pause, back up a little bit, correct the mistake, and keep on going. Forward momentum only! Stop stopping. Stop going backwards!

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