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There's some new lingo floating around on audition sheets. Ya gotta know what they mean.

Every once in a while, our industry likes to throw up some new terminology to stay trendy. There are a few new terms to be on the lookout for.

There's some new lingo floating around on audition sheets. Ya gotta know what they mean.- 6:10

Yeah, hey guys! Welcome to another edition of The Gift of Gab. Today, we're going to talk about some new terminology, new definitions, new... new that's being used in voiceover. These are things that you need to know, casting terms, spec terms, things that you're going to be seeing a lot more of as time goes on and as voiceovers evolve. Let's talk about it.

All right, guys. So recently, we've seen new terminology, some new terminology popping up in terms of casting and the way jobs are being described, and this is a really quick video, but I just want to give you some insights into some of these terms and what they mean and what they are. So here we go, the first one:

**DOOH**, which is also being called Out of Home Advertising, also known as Designated Out of Home Advertising or Digital Out of Home Advertising. This is very specifically media that is being consumed in very specific ways outside of the home but not in a traditional classification. The best ways we can explain this are things like gas pump television or TV wall advertisements at Target or Airline TV. It's basically like when a company decides that they're going to create their own network or their own sort of media engagement platform, but it's very limited to the audience that they have captive at any given moment while engaging with their store or their product or their place of business. Okay, and it's becoming more and more popular and more and more a thing, of course, as more and more companies decide to expand into creating experiences for their customers.

**Metaverse**, the next one I want to talk about is metaverse. Now, metaverse has become sort of a fun one because it's being used as a blanket term to describe paid placement online, social media advertising. So, this can include all of the traditional stuff that we're used to, right? This can be Facebook, this can be Instagram, this can be TikTok, this can be any of your social media platforms and any paid advertising that is taking place on those platforms and any voiceover that you provide for them. But of course, because it's such a new term, a lot of people are like, "Wait, what? What are you talking about? The metaverse? That sounds kind of daunting. I mean, really, it sounds like something out of a Marvel movie."

**Connected TV**, um, it's yeah, it's a little much, um. And what goes along with that, we're also seeing references to CTV or Connected TV. These are the new ways of watching television. These are your Roku, Apple TV, 2B style of, um, networks. I mean, I don't... I don't even know if that's the appropriate thing to call them, like streaming services, I guess, because they're... they're kind of somewhere in between. Um, and connected TV is now becoming its own category, especially as you have companies like Netflix starting to say, "Hey, we're going to start having ads," and Hulu starting to say, "Hey, we're gonna have paid placement and advertising."

**Outro**, so some of the new stuff that's on the horizon, just so if you start to see these in casting notices, if you start to see this stuff pop up, you're not going, "What the heck is this? Where did this suddenly come from?" And you're a little bit more informed about what is currently taking place in voiceover and how it's going to affect your business. I hope this helps, guys. As always, if you need me, um, I am here to help. I offer a slew of different business classes that you can check out on my website, Feel free to reach out. I would love to be able to assist you with your voiceover business and make you a better business owner. Take care. I hope this helps. Bye.

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