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The absolute essential must have tool to be a voice actor. (it's not a microphone)

What in the world could be so important as to be the most-est, must-est have item for VO? The answer will surprise you, maybe. Unless it doesn't. In which case I should just tell you now. OK, it's...

The absolute essential must have tool to be a voice actor. - 7:52

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about the number one voiceover tool that you need to make money in voiceover right now. Stick around.

So in today's voiceover market there is one tool one tool above all else that reigns supreme as a necessity for voice actors to be able to do this and make money. You would think it's a microphone - you would be wrong. The tool that I'm talking about is called Source Connect. Now, you might have heard about it, you may have heard about it in passing over the last couple of years, it's been around for a while. The deal is, pre-pandemic, it was sort of an optional thing. A lot of talent had it, a lot of people used it every single day, but not everyone had it. Post pandemic? Oh boy! And even during pandemic, it became absolutely 1000% mandatory. Every casting notice, every audition, every script, every director's note says the same thing: talent must have professional studio with Source Connect. So at this point, if you're wanting to do this for a living, considering doing this for a living, just know that sometime in your near future, this is going to be a very realistic investment.

Exactly how Source Connect works, exactly what it is? I'll be honest - I don't really know. What I do know is that it's a piece of software that you purchase, you download onto your computer, and two users who have both downloaded the software can connect to one another in real time and communicate studio to studio, and the quality of that connection is enough so that the either studio really can record the other party as if they are right there, live in studio, in the moment. So since you probably don't really know what Source Connect is or how it works, let's take a look.

Watch the video to see me connect in real time on Source Connect with Rick Macivor!

So there you go! We have two sets of levels, we have the interface working, there's the Adobe Audition backup, and so now, okay, if a client was connecting, they would have this fun feature called Source Connect Pro, which costs a crapload more money than what we spend, and it would give them the ability to record directly in the Source Connect interface.

Source Connect, we love you, if you want to sponsor me by all means, let me know, reach out. So I promise you, Source Connect is totally worth the investment. There are two different ways you can buy it: you can spend $600 outright and own it, or you can do a $30 a month software plan. Either way, at some point, you're gonna need it if you wanna do voiceovers. Hope this video helped! Guys, if you wanna know more about uh, fun tech stuff and ways I can help, check out this video.

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