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Even VO Pros Need Occasional TraIning

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

A price cannot be placed on the value of working with great voiceover coaches. Talent with decades of experience and loads of credibility often still seek the assistance of coaches. The newer you are to a voiceover career, the more important a coach will be to your development and success. The practice exercises and performance enhancing techniques they will offer are priceless.

Picking the right coach is however critical. Look for someone with a long standing reputation and a slew of references from working voiceover talent. A great coach will not try to rush your learning process and will be honest about your needs and progress.

Here’s what the voiceover talent I spoke to had to say about the coaching process:

“I studied with one of the best talent coaches in NYC, and still refresh with him about twice a month.” - Heather Walters, Actively pursuing VO for 9 years.

“Since I work so often, I usually train by taking other types of classes when time allows, like improv, or on-camera, or singing lessons. But I haven’t taken a voice class in many years, I just keep learning with every new client and project!” – Linda Bruno, a 25 year VO veteran.

“I am in contact with my mentor/teacher as often as I need or like. . . usually once, to a few times a year, depending on my needs. I use her for private coaching depending on jobs I have, or special auditions I need coaching on. I did my first LIVE announce job and she coached me through that.” – Aly Steel, voice actress for 18 years.

“...Several times a year or as often as I can. My voiceover coaches are in LA and I’m in NY -- so I do phone classes and some in person.” - Marian Massaro, Voice Actress of 15 years.

“I took voiceover classes for 4 years solid before getting my first agent .It then took another 5 years of auditioning and booking before I was able to quit my day job and work as a full time actor. I stopped taking classes when I started teaching. I audition and work daily, so my work is my practice.” – Bob Bergen, 32 year veteran voice actor.

“Yes, I still train a couple of times a year.  I don’t need to practice as I am auditioning and voicing jobs every single day. I tell my students to practice for 10 minutes a day. That is enough...but more is better.” – Julie Williams, voice actress of 35 years.

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