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Does Your Sound Matter in Voice Acting? - What you should be focusing on to book work.

Voice actors can obsess over every little detail of how they sound. But is that really time well spent? Is that what gets you the job? That's the topic of this week's Gift of Gab.

Does Your Sound Matter in Voice Acting? - What you should be focusing on to book work. - 3:05

Gabby: If you're spending an awful lot of time in the booth on mic, overly concerned about how you sound inside of all of your recordings, then today's video is definitely for you. Stick around.

Hey friends and fam, it's Gabby. Thanks for joining me for another episode of The Gift of Gab on YouTube, and if you like the things that I'm yammering about, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe or that little bell thingy and you'll be notified when I put out new material. Okay, today we're going to talk about something super, super important and my very talented, very lovely friend Inga is here with me today. She's actually manning the camera, she's she's helping me out, she's also, like, holding lights - she's very multi-talented. So Inga is an actress and she's done stage, she's done screens, she's done, you know, pretty much all of it. So Inga, let me ask you something: as an actress, when you're on stage, when you're on camera, do you give a damn about how you sound?

Inga: I do not. Gabby: Cool, kind of what I thought. So I've asked this question to a lot of actors over the years, from all different areas and all different walks of this industry, and they all say the same thing: no, I don't care what I sound like because sound isn't what makes the job, it's not ultimately what gets us hired, right? It's about the story! So I want you guys to remember the story over sound. Find the story inside of the piece and honor it, be honest with it, use your emotions to really make that story come to life, because a lot of times what's gonna happen is your sound isn't going to be perfect. It's actually going to suffer a little bit. Your voice might crack, you might break here or there, you might get overly emotional, your pitch might go up. But that's normal! That's exactly what people do in real life, and hi, that's kind of what we're supposed to be mimicking!

So there you go: story, not sound, get out of your head. I know it's hard. You can do it. I have faith in you, so does Inga. Okay, thanks for watching guys! If you want to learn more about this whole process of story over sound, I highly suggest that you check out this video here: my no BS guide to getting started in voiceover. If you're brand new you need this, trust me. Bye!

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