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All about Meditation Voiceover.

The recent surge in popularity of online guided meditation has helped many people. As a voice actor, has this increase in popularity led to more demand from a voiceover market perspective? Let's talk about it.

All about Meditation Voiceover.- 4:27

Hey guys, it's Gabby. Thanks for joining me for another episode of The Gift of Gab. Today we are going to talk about meditation, specifically voiceover for meditation. By the end of this video, I want you to be able to answer "Namaste" or "I'm going go home." Stick around.

Sponsor. It's Gabby, and I want to take a moment today to thank my sponsor, Pozotron, a company that I absolutely adore. I went after them, not the other way around. I approached them about coming on board and being part of The Gift of Gab family because I love what they're doing, and I think that their product is incredible. It has this amazing potential to transform the voiceover industry moving forward. If you do anything in the long-form sector, especially audiobooks, then Pozotron is a tool that you absolutely need to be taking advantage of. Check them out at, and if you have any questions or you want to talk to me about how you can better implement Pozotron into your workflow, reach out, let's do it, okay?

Meditation voiceover. I get a lot of inquiry from beginners and people who are just kind of dabbling in their interest in voiceover about meditation voiceover, voiceover for meditation, voiceover for meditation apps, MP3s, I mean really whatever platform you can think of that would involve a spoken-word meditation or a guided meditation. While I think it is a lovely practice and I'm a fan, and I think that there are great things to gain from that process, what I can tell you is, as somebody who has been in this industry a really long time, is when it comes to voiceover and meditation, there's very little market for it, okay? I'm not saying there's none, but it's tiny. In all my years, I can count on one hand the number of auditions or paid job opportunities that I've seen that are related to a meditative performance of some kind, that is something that someone else would buy or use. I think largely the reason for this is that most people who are invested in that type of project or are meditation coaches, practitioners, yogis, whatever they might be, they are recording their own, and it's unlikely for them to want to reach out and pay an actor to do what they can do themselves. So just keep that in mind. I know this might be disappointing to hear and that it could be something that you were really, really hopeful about getting involved in, but yeah, unfortunately, it's just a money issue. There's not really any to be had from marketing specifically to that crowd. Now, that being said, if you yourself have a meditation program, whatever it might be, and you want to market that yourself and record your own meditation, yes, absolutely, go for it. There's no reason not to. You can book a studio, you can work with somebody like myself who can help to kind of direct you and help you to put it together to make the most professional package and presentation possible. But for the most part, it's a pretty easy, pretty straightforward thing. Chances are, if it's your own program and you've written it, you know that meditation better than anybody, so you are, without a doubt, the best person to voice it. Hope I didn't burst too many bubbles, but there you go. Meditation and voiceover, not really the most lucrative thing, not marketable in and of itself. But if you want to know more about the voiceover industry as a whole and you want a better understanding of the types of jobs that are marketable, take a look at my channel, watch some of my other videos here. This is one that you might like. Thanks, guys. Bye.

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