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What do Voice Actors actually get paid?

In this video, Gabby goes over what voice actors actually get paid in 2021 and there's a surprise!

What do Voice Actors actually get paid? - Real rates, real jobs, VO truth! - 4:33

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of The Gift of Gab. In today's video we're going to do a follow-up video to our rates video. So I thought i would just get nice and comfy, settle in, and talk with you a bit. Thanks for joining me.

So you may have seen this video in the past, and it's been a fairly popular one. But there's been a little bit of confusion about this video, so I want to clear that up. I want to talk about some things that I think are going to help make the whole subject of rates much, much clearer for new voice actors, and I've got a little bit of a surprise for you in this video, too.

The first thing I want to address is that in this original video when I talk about the rates of pay, when I talk about the prices that people are charging and getting for a voiceover, those rates are per project, per job. I was stunned to see how many people in comments were asking is it per hour, is it per minute, no! None of that! You know that's that's not how voiceover works. So those rates that you're seeing, they're per project and in many cases, it's regardless of how long it takes to complete. There are some areas of the industry where people quote and price by the minute, by the finished hour, by the word, I am not a fan of any of those and it's also not how I choose to run my business. So when I talk about rates, that's really not the stuff I'm talking about.

As always the GVAA and SAG-AFTRA are excellent models for rate advice and for referencing your rates and making sure that you're charging accordingly and fairly to you. Remember when I said I had a surprise? All right - so something that you don't often see if you're new to voiceover is what a proposed rate actually looks like until you're on a talent agent's roster or until you're in a casting network and you're actively seeing auditions. You don't really see what people are offering and how much they're paying. So today we thought we would show you some. Now these had to be extremely altered and they've been blurred and there's tons of information we had to block out because of NDA's, because of conflicts, because of proprietary information, and because it could just get me in a lot of trouble, so we're not doing that. But what I am showing you, what we're highlighting and focusing in on, without divulging any of the other information, is how much the job pays and for what. So here you go, here's a couple to take a look at.

Sometimes you'll see things like this where the casting party will actually make a comment about the rate, maybe "Hey it's a little low but/or we're not crazy about it but we're giving you the option to respond" and then you just have to use your best judgment.

So there you have it, guys. Some examples of rates in 2021 in voiceover. I hope this was super helpful for your career and your education. As always if I can be of help please feel free to reach out through my website or on my socials. I look forward to talking to you. Thanks!

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