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Want Better Voiceovers? GET NAKED!

Sometimes, we have to take it all off! Get naked, be vulnerable and get rid of all the pretenses! Try it out! You might be surprised at how it can improve your performances. Guest Starring: Lewis Banks!

Want Better Voiceovers? Get Naked! - 1:40

Gabby: Oh, hey Lewis.

Lewis: Hey, what's happening?

Gabby: You got a big day of recording?

Lewis: Yep, got a bunch of stuff to knock out.

Gabby: Nice. Make it happen.

Oh, oh hey. [laughs] I wasn't… um hi. So thanks for joining us. Had a little help from Lewis with this video who was kind enough to show us all why it’s so important to be vulnerable in the booth. It’s easier said than done, right, but sometimes we’ve got to, as actors, go naked. Bare it all, get rid of all the pretenses, get rid of all of the put-ons, and come-ons, and ideas of what we should be doing, and just be. It’s not easy, it’s definitely one of the hardest things we have to achieve as voice actors, but it’s totally and completely worth it for your performances. Give it a shot. It’s really something to be able to be completely vulnerable inside of the booth and connect with an emotion realistically. And when you put yourself into a vulnerable position or when you’re having a vulnerable moment and you head into the booth, you want to see what kind of a difference that can make. You might be really, really surprised what can happen.

As always, thanks for watching, and if you’d like more tips like this from me and techniques on how to improve your voiceover performances, you can go to, click on the coaching tab, and you’ll see all the options available to work with me. I hope to see you soon.

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