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Voice Acting Play Time! - You need to loosen up and play!

What can playing with a cute puppy teach you about voice acting? Plenty! Gabby gets goofy in order to get good.

Voice Acting Play Time! - 2:35

Hey guys! So this is Fin. He's my brand new puppy, wow he's the cutest, and his favorite thing in the whole world is playtime. Like, seriously, he lives for it. This is all he wants to do, all day long. So it got me thinking about playtime: are you getting enough playtime on mic? Let's talk about some ways we can do that.

First of all, if you're in this industry and you don't make funny noises all the time... and really, for no reason at all... you're weird, because that's all we do. We make sounds, we make vocalizations, we make noise... yeah, well not - kind of like that - but not exactly, but you know if we're playing with a dog, we're right there along with him, we're barking, we're making cat noises. I like to say we're our own See and Say, remember those when you were a kid? We make animal noises, any vocalization. My all-time favorite, without a doubt: zombie sounds. That's like my own my mission in life. I just want to be on The Walking Dead.

There are actually voice actors who make a living doing nothing but that kind of stuff. There's a guy named Dee Bradley Baker! Look him up, he's one of my heroes. This guy makes a living out of just making sound. You gotta be goofy and wacky and weird on mic. This is why playtime is so important and what does it help you do well, ultimately, it helps you to get comfortable. It helps you to stop being so stiff while you're performing. It helps you to loosen up in front of the mic and have it be comfortable and very casual and very everyday so that you feel unencumbered and you can make all the goofy noises and sounds you want. It's pretty effective. Give it a try!

So, look, stop being self-conscious on mic - start having some fun! That's what you got to do.

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