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Valuable Advice From Voice Actors

Most voiceover talent are able to attribute at least part of their success to a great mentor, coach, friend or fellow talent. The pearls of voiceover wisdom that get passed down can be as prized as Grandma’s recipe book.

I asked this question to see if talent would share their prized industry secrets. Here’s what I found out:

“Its all about the demo reel.”

- Heather Walters

“To cultivate my voice, since over time it will continue to age and deepen.”

– Linda Bruno

“Remember that the client is nervous as well because there is so much riding on his/her shoulders. They are afraid to screw up to – so to cover their bases they might make you do 85 takes – even when you might get it on the 3rd. Just breathe, take the directions and remember that they are worried for themselves and their jobs - so it ISN’T YOU!”

Aly Steel

"There's been two: Get a BRILLIANT demo and take improv classes. . ." 

– Marian Massaro

“Paul Winchel, who was the voice of Tigger, told me to never worry about money. You'll make it, you'll lose it. But if you pursue this for the love of the craft, with no financial expectations, you're bound to be happier. I believe his exact words were, "Don't put a dollar sign on success. You will never feel successful, because you will never feel you have enough money."

– Bob Bergen

“DLF (Don LaFontaine) told me to be myself and that will get you work.”

– Mark Aston  

“Ability is only half the battle. . . people less talented than you will get more work if they aggressively market themselves.”

– Julie Williams

“I'll give you two:  Voice over is a conversation & The audition is the job.”

– Haneen Arafat

Feel free to share any advice you've been given in the comment section!

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