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Make More Money in Voice Over

In this quick Gift of Gab, Gabby lays down some truth about VO rates and the cost of doing business.

Make More Money in Voice Over - How and Why to raise your rates - 1:27

Hey guys, welcome to another quick edition of The Gift of Gab.

Today I want to talk to you about inflation. It is very real, very pertinent right now. You've probably noticed it, I'm sure you have, actually. Everything is going up in price, right? Restaurants are raising their prices, manufacturing... this is a normal cycle in the economy and in business. The question is though, are you keeping up with it in your business? Have you raised your rates in accordance with the cost of living increases we're all seeing? If you haven't, now is a great time to do it. Go ahead, restructure your rates, send notices to your clients so they have a little bit of a buffer and they know when to expect that rate increase, and get it out there. It is good business -- it's actually something that's expected and I think most people, especially right now, are kind of prepared for it. Restructure your prices, send out a notice, and maybe do a 5,10, heck maybe even a 15% cost of living increase.

If you want to see some more videos about rates and some more discussions about pricing and how to price your voice over business, check out this.

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