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How to Keep the Mind from Wandering in Voice Acting

This episode of the Gift of Gab is all about awareness of the wandering mind. Especially for you avid readers out there. You have to keep your mind engaged with the copy you're reading! Don't let it wander off and get into trouble.

How to Keep the Mind from Wandering in Voice Acting - 2:44

Are you one of those people who is a phenomenal reader? I mean, loves to read, loves to devour a good book, and you think it would be kind of cool to maybe use that skill to get into voiceover and make some money? Good, I'm talking to you today.

Welcome to another episode of The Gift of Gab. So today, I want to address a really large segment of the audience of people that usually takes an interest in starting a Voiceover career and these are my voracious readers. Right? Yeah I'm right there with you. These are the people that can start a book on like a Friday afternoon evening and finish it by Monday, no problem. Great readers are definitely valuable and there is definitely an asset to being a great reader in the voiceover community, but there's a double edged sword here. There is a catch and I want you to be aware of it so that you can get ahead of it and not have an influence your voiceover career.

Great readers, and you've probably done this, you're probably guilty of this, cause I know I am, can actually read words on a page. Their mouth is moving, their eyes are moving, they are reading what is in print, the brain wanders off somewhere else. Oh crap! Literally you disappear, you start thinking about all - I don't know - what you're gonna have for dinner tonight, or what the kids are up to, or hey, what kind of plans do we have for this upcoming holiday?! I can explain; you literally leave the building now and in acting, a lot of people refer to this is phoning it in, right? It literally means just that. You're no longer accountable, you're no longer present inside of your own performance. That's a huge problem for you.

So you've got to figure out a way to be in the moment. Hell, ask yourself what you're doing there. Don't just be this talking head who is reading the pretty words. Instead, really focusing on what your character is doing, why they were there in the first place, and what's motivating you to say these words. It's going to help a ton and it's going to really keep you hyper focused on what it is you're doing, so that your mind doesn't start to wander off, okay? If you are a reader who's thinking about starting a career in voiceover then definitely like and subscribe. My channel's got tons of information that's going to benefit you and if you get a chance, check out this video.

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