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Don't announce, ACT! - Put passion over product and you'll feel the difference!

In this video, Gabby addresses the idea that voice actors aren't announcers, they are actors! So, as an actor, what's the best way to sell a product? You have to speak from a place of passion for the product. Not sure what that means? Check out this week's Gift of Gab for more!

Don't announce, ACT! - Put passion over product and you'll feel the difference! - 2:44

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So why am I standing here brushing my teeth? Because I want you to remember to find the passion in your copy, not the product. The product, believe it or not, it's somewhat inconsequential, right? So if a company that is selling toothpaste, what are they really selling? It's not about the baking soda in the ingredients in the toothpaste. No, the passion is oral hygiene. It's healthy teeth. It's a beautiful smile, right? That's the passion that they want their audience to connect with and ultimately, the thing that's going to make the consumer take action.

Let me give you another example: when your friends come over to your house and they walk into a room and they go, "Oh my gosh, I love it! I love your furniture, I love this couch!" what is it that they're actually saying? They're not complementing the way the couch envelops their behind. No! They're saying, "I love your style. I love your personal taste." So when a furniture store is trying to sell us their wares, that's the passion, that's the thing that they want us to connect with: the uniqueness of personal style and the fact that you can make your home your own oasis.

Here's another example for you: cars. We're obsessed with them... but why? Typically when you're at a dealership, when you're picking out a new car, even if it's just new to you, it's shiny right? It's appealing, it's stylish, we like the color, we don't think about the thousands of engineers that it took to create that one single automobile. No, we just go OOO look at the shiny new car. Find the passion, forget about the product.

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