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Class: Marketing & Branding Your Voice

Class: Marketing & Branding Your Voice

In today's competitive marketplace, branding yourself as a voice over artist helps you to truly stand out from the crowd.


It gives clients a strong sense of who you are, what you will be like to work with, and how your personality can shine through every word of their story.


So how do you effectively brand yourself and then market to your target audience of casting people to create a lasting impression? 


In this 1 hour & 2 minute class you'll learn:


  • How to promote & brand your voice.
  • How to get a voiceover agent.
  • How to market & present your voiceover services.
  • What your competition is doing right (and wrong).
  • And lots more!

You'll recieve a download link immediately after purchase. This class is part of a series. Consider purchasing all three to gain the most knowledge.

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