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Virtual Voiceover Exchange


Direct Voiceover Coaching For Voiceover Talent Aspiring Voice Actors For many years I ran a successful voiceover group in Charlotte NC. The VVE was a think-tank, networking, and learning opportunity for voice actors in the Carolinas. And then Covid happened. After a long hiatus, I'm thrilled to bring this program back! But this revised version is even better. The VVE is now open to all aspiring voiceover actors, anywhere on the globe. Have you ever wanted feedback about a voice over performance? Not a full class, but an opportunity to receive individual feedback from a voiceover coach on a single performance or read. This is quick actionable feedback that you can implement now on whatever practice, audition, or job you are working on. Affordable, interactive, personable and fast. How Does It Works? As a monthly subscriber, you pay a flat monthly fee (cancel anytime.) You can have 1, 2, or 4 monthly interactions with me based on your needs and budget. You send me an audio file along with any questions via email. No more than 3 questions per audio file. Audio not to exceed 3 minutes in length. I'll respond to you in three business days or less with a personalized video. In the video, I will review your audio, and offer input, suggestions, and answers to your questions.

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