steps to voiceover success 



The steps I provide will take approximately 1-3 months.  They are only the START of your journey.

If you're in a hurry to become a voice actor, you're looking at the wrong industry!


I say this with love...



If you rush you will NOT see results & you'll waste time & money. 

But what do I know :) - I've only been making a living at this since FOREVER! 


I provide this information because I believe it will help you to determine if a career in voiceover is right for you. 

Your first goal should be to obtain the knowledge necessary to understand how this career path works and if you are a good fit for it, and vice versa. Please review all this material before contacting me for a free 15-minute call. Most of your questions will likely be answered here. 



Step 1 - Industry facts & fiction

Do You Want To Be An Actor? 

Acting is acting. Voiceover acting is no different from any other type of acting. It simply comes with specific technical and performance challenges that are unique to this art form and working with recording equipment and a microphone.  This is not a career where you merely speak for a living. And there are LOADS of 'coaches' who would have you believe that. As a voiceover actor, you act for a living. Are you accepting of the possibility of life as a 'starving' artist?  Are you comfortable performing in front of others? If you never thought about being an actor or don't want to be one, this is not for you


A Career in Voiceover is Just That - A Career

This. Is. Hard. Work. There's nothing easy about talking into a microphone for a living. If you're looking to make fast or easy cash, a part-time income, or a quick side-hustle - voiceover is probably NOT the answer. You'll find the most success in voiceovers by choosing to (eventually) make it a full-time career AFTER you dedicate yourself to being a student of the craft. 


Having a great voice or being told that you have a great voice does not make you voiceover ready. Having a great voice is only a very small part of this business. In fact, in some areas of voiceover, having a frequently complimented voice is something to overcome! This is because you must know how to use & market your voice. Voiceover talent are not simple well-spoken individuals – they are actors who make words come alive.


Learning to use and market your voice will be an investment of time (lots and lots of time!) and money, and open-mindedness.  You must be teachable & flexible and able to hear criticism about your voice and your performances. You must be willing to work hard & you must be willing to fail.  Voice actors are risk-takers. 


Education is Essential

Do you know that there are dozens of voiceover applications that working actors get hired for every day? This is your first goal; understanding as much about this craft as the professionals who already do it for a living. You will also need to know and understand the technology and equipment used in voiceover recording, along with the marketing and sales techniques that help you get voiceover work. All of this knowledge is acquired in order to own and operate your own freelance business.


Your education will also need to strengthen and fine-tune your performance abilities. How good of an actor are you? You must have the intensity, believability & improvisational skills of a professional stage or screen performer. The only difference is that you will work behind a mic, not a camera.


Your initial training can take months or years and I stress this point frequently. This includes practicing your skills often, reading books written by respected voiceover authors, and working with reputable voiceover coaches.


The voiceover profession does not require a degree or traditional collegiate education. However, while you may not invest 4 years and tens-of-thousands of dollars into full-time education,  you will need to invest a few years (at least), of part-time study, and a few thousand dollars (at least), to be well prepared.


You do not want to enter the voiceover industry prematurely or ill-prepared. Experts invest in their education in order to make a large return on that investment when they enter the job market. Your competition has already done the work, invested the time, and spent the necessary money. Are you willing to do the same? 

Tools of the Trade

There are tools that every voiceover talent uses to operate a successful voiceover business. Ask your mechanic how much money a year he invests in tools. The number will shock you. But it will also help you to understand why it costs so much to have your car repaired. The same is true for voiceovers; the tools of our trade can be costly. Computers, microphones, interfaces, headphones, monitors, software, demos, websites, and acoustic treatment are just some of the investments we make. 


You must have at least one voiceover demo that meets or exceeds industry standards. Without one, you have little chance of working. The demo creation process is complex. Good demos cost money and are created by professional, proven demo producers. You should have training and validation of your skills before making a voiceover demo. Do not attempt to create a demo on