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HOW TO WORK IN voiceover  

Hey there aspiring voice actor. I'm glad you are here. If you are trying to figure out what you should be doing to make money in this career, you're in the right place.  

I provide this information because I believe it will help you to determine if a career in voiceover is right for you. 

Your first goal should be to obtain the knowledge necessary to understand how this career path works and if you are a good fit for it, and vice versa.  

Please take your time with this process. If you are a hyper-hampster and rush through the learning process you will NOT see results & you'll waste time & money. 

But what do I know :) - I've only been making a living at this since FOREVER! 

So, I say this with love...

SLOW THE F*&# DOWN! Take your time, enjoy the journey and focus on your education! 



How To Get Voiceover Work

voiceover job types - why are there so many?

Did you know you can put 20 voiceover actors in a room and it’s likely they will all describe their profession differently? That's because the industries we serve can vary – greatly, and we don’t all run our businesses the same.

Voiceover is not a single industry. It hasn’t been for many years. We are a collective of service providers that cater to various individual industries. Confused yet?  Ok, let me explain.


Most voiceover actors have a specialty, a genre they serve, or a particular skill set that meets the needs of a handful of end clients. We literally don’t all do the same thing.

Not all voiceover actors excel in all areas of voiceover performance. When you meet and talk to voiceover actors it is important that you ask what area of voiceover they work in.

Things voice actors share in common:


We are independent business owners or solopreneurs. 


All voiceover actors talk into a microphone for a living.


We own, maintain, and operate our own (mini) recording facility, usually from homes.


All voice actors are excellent readers with above-average vocabularies who are capable of reading and speaking simultaneously with only a minimal amount of errors.


We are paid as freelance vendors by the companies who hire us. 

Types of voiceover work

  • TV Promo

  • Corporate Narration

  • Radio Imaging

  • Video Game

  • Commercial

  • In-Show Narration

  • Audio Books      

  • Telephony       

This is not a complete list - just some of the more common

areas of the voiceover industry you might work in.

  • Political

  • Medical Narration

  • Animation

  • E-Learning   

Here’s another way to view the maze of various voiceover jobs.


Teachers share a professional job definition, but there are vast differences in the individual skills and expertise of elementary school teachers and collegiate physics professors.


High School art teachers and corporate trainers are also types of teachers. You encounter hundreds of teachers in your life but not all of them are math teachers.  A teacher’s career and experience can vary greatly. The same is true for voice actors.

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new to this voiceover thing? Lets light it up! 

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