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Non-Word Sounds in Voice Acting

In this episode of the gift of gab, Gabby talks about how you can incorporate non-word sounds into your scripts. These subtle noises can help the listener better understand your point of view and can help you to book more work. Check it out!

Non-Word Sounds in Voice Acting - How a grunt or a sigh can help you book more work! - 1:46

Hey guys, it's Gabby and in today's super quick episode, we are going to talk about non-word sounds and how they can have a massive impact on your script. Stick around.

Call it whatever you want, guys, but there are 1 million names for these and nobody can agree on exactly what they are: ad libs, embellishments, interjections, exclamations, favorite non-lexical conversational sounds. What the hell does it all mean?! It's all the stuff that we do in normal conversation when you're talking to another person and you're giving them insights into what's going on in your head. Sighs, giggles, moans and groans right? The noises that help us to establish a connection with the speaker so we know where they're coming from. There's a big difference between a sigh of relief and a sigh of frustration, and you can use these inside of your scripts. Just because they're not written into the copy doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. These kinds of ad libs are absolutely the difference between booking the job and maybe just getting shortlisted.

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