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Cold Email Secrets - Tips to make reaching out more effective!

Every voice actor should be reaching out via email to potential customers. But what are the best practices you should use when you cold email? In this video, Gabby gives you some real-life examples of what you should be doing, and what you shouldn't.

Cold Email Secrets - 5:52

It's really cold in here... Remember in this video we talked about cold calling?

Hey guys thanks for joining me. We are talking today about cold emails. It's a follow-up to a video I did about four years ago on cold calling, which a lot of people aren't a fan of, so we're going to talk about the more modern way to handle this... If you've seen the recent Tide commercials then you know that Ice T's been doing it, Stone Cold Steve Austin's been doing it... what am I talking about? Cold calling!

Cold calling, though, has a really bad rep. People don't like it anymore. That's fine, that makes sense, we're in an era where folks really don't want to talk on the phone. It's much easier to text or email. That's what we're going to focus on in today's video is how to convert that cold communication process into something a little bit warmer that people are going to respond to.

In my cold calling video, funny guy Timmy wrote: I think a how to cold email would be a good update video. Yeah I agree, I think so, too. Let's get into it. The biggest thing about a cold email is to keep it light, breezy, and easy. It doesn't need to be heavy-handed, it doesn't need to be long-winded, and one thing that I really want you to not do is overstate the obvious. Yeah of course you're available for auditions and of course you have a studio and of course you have demos, duh. No you kind of have to in this business. Don't just laundry list all of the stuff that you think you can do or that you think you're available for. A lot of people make this mistake of running down right commercials, narration, e-learning, audiobooks... here's the thing: if you're communicating with somebody who hires voice actors on a regular or semi-regular basis, they know. Trust me. They totally understand the type of work that you are available for and you don't need to overstate that if your email is to a voice-over talent agent or a casting company or anybody who deals in voiceover all the time... Trust me when I say they know why you, a voiceover talent, are reaching out to them. They understand fully what it is you're looking for. So again, no need to overstate the obvious, no need to start with the "I'm a professional voice actor, I'm contacting you today to get consideration for your roster." Yeah we know. If you do know somebody on their roster and you recognize another talent's name, fantastic. It's okay to do a little name drop, that's one of the things that's gonna help that email go from cold to warm. However, don't make it weird, okay? Just "Hey, I saw my friend on there, I know you work with them."

Keep it simple, tell them about your voice, be specific, tell them about what makes you talented, what makes you unique, what makes you interesting, and most importantly, what makes you a worthwhile addition to their talent roster, because that is the sort of thing that's really going to get somebody's attention. Don't be vague, really define who you are, what you do, what you sound like, what makes you unique, what makes you interesting, and this is all about marketability. If you're having trouble with this component, if you're kind of at a loss and you don't know how to define yourself... hi, give me a call, book some time on my website, this is what I do.

Please, please, please, please, whatever you do, don't be desperate, don't be needy - this is not traditional employment, you are not applying for a regular job, there's nothing conventional about what we do. Do I look conventional? Make sure that the email has a clear link to your demos and your website. There's really no need to attach anything anymore, not unless somebody is asking you to for that first introduction, for that opportunity for someone to listen to and experience your repertoire and your work, just make sure there's a link.

And lastly, please, please, please have a quality proper email signature. If you don't have a signature it's kind of amateur hour. You've heard me talk about this before. You really need one to look professional, and if you need examples, jump on Google, start looking, there are plenty of ways to jazz up a signature and make it look really, really professional.

Okay guys, that's it, there you go. Cold emails. Thanks so much!

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