voiceover Business Classes

Marketing branding & consulting

In these classes we strategize a game plan, set goals, and get to work!   

It's all about implementing changes, adopting new techniques, and making more money!

As your voice over coach, I'll teach you how to out-business your competition, find your niche, and sell your voice to buyers who want and need your sound.  

A 6-figure voiceover career doesn't just happen. But it can happen with hard work, a strategic sales strategy & plenty of planning!  These business classes put my 20 plus years of voiceover know-how to work for you and your career. 

what you'll learn

Voiceover Brand Strategy

Marketing Your Voice 

Getting Repped by a Voiceover Agent

Kickstarting A Stalled Career

Finding & Booking Your Own Work

Negotiating & Pricing Your Voiceover Work

Who Am I? What is my voice-print or signature sound? How can I be a more competitive voice actor? What do people think of my current brand? If you have branding, marketi...
Voiceover Marketing & Branding Class
1 hr 10 min
My priority is to help you implement changes, adapt to new methods and put you in the driver's seat of your company! You should have control of HOW you make money. This s...
Voiceover Sales Strategy Class
1 hr 10 min
Instant access - BUSINESS CLASSES

My pre-recorded Voiceover Business classes are extremely helpful if you need to improve your business skills.  These lessons are all about the foundation, (non-performance), aspects of a voiceover career. 

what you'll learn


  • How much your voice is worth

  • How to successfully brand and market yourself

  • How to find & negotiate work

  • Proper audition presentation

  • How to meet your client's expectations

  • How to find and impress an agent

  • What NOT to do on Marketplace sites

  • How to avoid mistakes that are costing you jobs

Class 2_edited.png

Learn the value of your voiceover services.

How to price, rates to charge & negotiations. 

What it means to be a voiceover entrepreneur.

How to create a lucrative, sustainable voiceover business and lots more. 

Class 3_edited.png

Learn how to promote and brand your voice.

How to get a voiceover agent.

Best marketing and presentation practices.

What your competition is doing right (and wrong)

and lots more. 

the #1 voiceover business book 

The Ultimate voiceover business guidE

Hone your entrepreneur skills and run a more successful business!


Learn how to best tackle: 

  • Working From Home

  • Contact Management

  • Accounting

  • Outsourcing

  • Marketing & Promoting Your Voice

  • Organization & Time Management

  • Submit to Voiceover Agents

  • Maintaining a Healthy Agent/Talent Relationship

  • And more

 Voiceover therapy - free consult

Not sure where to start? Determine if my services are right for you in a free 15-minute consultation.

If you haven't had a call with me, (or it's been a while since we spoke), let's talk about you!

I don't have an agenda on these calls or a sales pitch. I may even make recommendations outside of my company.

I let you take the lead and direct the nature of our time. 

Gabrielle delivers in every service she provides to voice actors like myself who’ve been wanting to give their careers a makeover.  Form coaching to making the demo to building the new website, I was simply amazed at the time and energy she was willing to spend with me.  It went way, way beyond any remuneration she received.  Because of Gabrielle, I feel reinvented as a voice over artist.

Jason Taylor - Tulsa, OK

You know when someone has feedback about your brand, Website, and message that can feel uncomfortable?  Gabrielle made the feedback REAL and non-judgmental, offered me incredible advice to consider, and my brand is now totally solid.

Aimee Gironimi - Milwaukee, WI

Great session! The most practical learning event that I have EVER had inclusive of seminars, internet, and books.

Michael Rutland - Charlotte, NC


An enormous amount of needed information on the business of VoiceOver. It was invaluable.

Lalla Wilson - Atlanta, GA

A wonderful jam-packed class full of priceless information! Gabby did a wonderful job presenting everything in a way that was easy to understand.

Nicole Berkowitz - Anderson, SC

Thank you so much for inspiring me and giving me hope today. You truly provided some inspiration and motivation to follow my passion.  I love all your thoughts and ideas. What a great way to end my day!  

Thanks so much!  Again thanks for your brilliance and creativity. 

Chris Kalinski - Oklahoma