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Voiceover Performance & Technique

Time to kick things up a notch? A 6-figure voiceover career doesn't just happen. But with strategy, planning, metrics & competitive analysis, it can happen! Put my 20 plus years of voiceover know-how to work for you. Book a voiceover class online!

In my 60-minute voiceover performance class, we'll map out a game plan, set goals, and get to work! 

It's all about implementing changes, adopting new techniques, and making more money!  

All appointment times are Eastern Choose a topic or area you want to improve. We will map out a game plan, set goals and get to work! My priority is to help you implemen...
Voiceover Performance Class

We can explore:

Audition Assessments

Demo Preparation 

Conversational Voiceovers

Copy Analysis

Advanced Acting Techniques

Character Development

and much more

Transformation training - radio to VO

 Or as I like to call it, Boot The Broadcaster!

Hey, I'm talking directly to you, my broadcast brethren... we're family and I feel your pain.  

It's time to 'remove the radio' from your performance. 

You've been a broadcaster for years and you know your way around a DAW.

However, no one taught you how to be an actor, or how to run your own business. 

You're sick of the corporate broadcast game as well as the instability, and uncertainty. 

I 'got out' a long time ago. And I faced every challenge you are facing right now.  

'Radio' is a dirty word in the voiceover industry.  I overcame the hurdles and so can you!

I'll help you break free of radio/broadcast habits and learn what voiceover clients want and need from you. 

Let's use the skills you already possess to make you a viable, money-making member of the voiceover family. 

This is a class for people who have spent a number of years in radio or TV. You've got the basics; you've been on-mic for years and you know your way around a DAW. But no...
Radio to VO: Transformation Training

On-mic voiceover assessment

 60-minute assessment classes are held on-mic in my studio in Charlotte NC or online via Zoom

Are you are highly intrigued by a voiceover career but still not sure if it's right for you? Never been on-mic?

Your first time in the studio will either have you hooked, or ready to run. 

I'll give you a variety of voiceover scripts to read 'cold'.  You'll receive live direction as well as tips, guidance, and feedback. I'll assess your vocal strengths & weaknesses, and give you an action plan that is specific to you.

Note: All appointment times are Eastern 60-minute assessment classes are held on-mic in my studio or online via Zoom. You are given various pieces of copy to read 'cold'....
On-Mic Assessment
This is a class for people who have already launched or started their voiceover career and are struggling. If you feel like you've been operating in a vacuum and you larg...
Help I'm In A Vacuum Class

The second Tuesday of each month, I host an online learning event. 

Every month we explore a different area of the voiceover industry, &

rotate copy-workouts, industry guest speakers & my latest lectures.


The cost is low. The teaching is thorough.

VVE is low-pressure learning without leaving your house!

The meetings are hosted online via Zoom. 

Even if you can't attend live, all who RSVP receive a copy of the recorded class the next day. 


the VIRTUAl voiceover EXCHANGE

 free consultation call

Not sure which class is right for you?  If you haven't had a call with me,

(or it's been a while since we spoke), let's talk about you!  I don't have an agenda on these calls or a sales pitch.  I may even make recommendations outside of my company.

I let you take the lead and direct the nature of our time.  I like to gab - so, let's talk!

Gabby has been invaluable in helping my career. Gabby CARES.  She is always able to answer your questions & help you.


George Washington III - Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you. I learned quite a bit in our session. Thank you for grabbing my feet and bringing me down to Earth! I knew I had to improve if I wanted to get more clients and our session is a testament to that.


There is a difference between having a “nice sounding voice” and actually having the acting chops to do the work. I love that you were honest and that you did not simply say, “Oh, that was really good!” 


 Really. Thank you. If I did not have people like you kicking my butt into shape then who will?


Vanessa Martinez - Missouri 

In a word...WOW!  The radio business I know, starting my own voiceover business from the ground up...alone...not so much. I can't thank you enough for taking the time with me and walking me through the steps. After I talked with you, I felt totally reinvigerized! (Is that a word?) You are so good at what you do. I have no doubt that with your plan I am going to be a success. 


John Cowsil - Los Angeles, CA

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