TV Promo VOiceover coaching

Promo Voiceover work is fast-paced, high-profile, and often retainer-based.  And it is a very different animal than the type of voiceover work you might be used to. Be well-prepared to meet the needs of promo buyers, negotiate your terms as well as approach promo agents & find your own promo work. And because your needs are unique, I custom tailor every class & help you get demo ready. 

I'll expand your working knowledge of:

- Network, Cable, Affiliate, Satellite, and streaming promo clients.

We'll cover the genres that are right for you

and make sure you are ready to read for: 

comedy, drama, news, sports, day-time talk, kids programming and more. 

For experienced voice actors only. This class will teach you how to read and audition for affiliate, network and cable promo work while helping you find your best genre a...
TV Promo Voiceover Performance Class
1 uur 15 min

In-show narration coaching

It's a very close cousin to Promo, but it differs in a lot of ways. 

Genre preparation is paramount and you must understand the nuanced performances TV producers seek. 

My TV team includes writers, editors and producers that have worked at Discovery Channel, HGTV, IG, NBC, The CW and on iconic shows like American Pickers and America's Got Talent. 

We're ready to put our skills to work for you.

Historic/Scientific, documentary, docu-drama, true crime, wildlife & reality TV storytelling can all be lucrative forms of in-show narration voiceover. And your demo and performance must reflect current TV trends. 

For experienced voice actors only. This class will teach you how to read and audition for in-show TV Narration (both fiction and non) & help you find your best genre and ...
In-Show Narration VO Class - Advanced
1 uur 10 min

Need a promo or in-show demo?

Gabrielle is fantastic. She knows the voiceover industry on all levels. She knows what agents, ad agencies, and production companies are looking for. Her voiceover business classes are jam-packed with information as well as stats and honesty, for me, there were plenty of “Aha” and“Oh, that’s how it works” moments. The time she took to get to know me and what I do as a voice actor was invaluable. Gabrielle’s service and expertise are awesome! I highly recommend Gabrielle Nistico to help voice actors take their career to the next level!

Judy Fossum - Cheyenne, WY