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Wanna Book More VO? Just Say F*&k It!"

Want to affect your entire voiceover career with one little change? The "F*&k It" art form is basically not taking yourself too seriously. Be fun, engaging and HUMAN. You can't do that when you're posing and posturing in front of your mic. When you just say, "f*&k it", your auditions will come off more real and you will book WAY MORE!

Wanna Book More VO? Just say F*&k It!” – 5:13

Oh hey. [laughs] How's it going? It’s Gabby. So today I want to talk about something that's pretty important… an art-form really. An art-form that more voice actors need to adopt, learn from, and incorporate into their career every day. I do. You know what? I can honestly tell you that once I embraced this, everything in my voiceover career changed. What exactly am I talking about? I want you to come join me. Come join me while I crack open a nice cold [beep] it. Because really, nothing nails an audition like a nice, cold [beep] it. It works every time. Cheers. That's good [beep] it, my friend.

All right, guys, in all seriousness, what am I talking about? The power of saying [beep] it. Early on in any voiceover career, any acting career, we tend to take ourselves a little bit too seriously, OK? And the problem with that is, that doesn't work. We’re in an industry that’s supposed to be fun, and supposed to be engaging, and that is supposed to be very, very human. We’re supposed to connect on an emotional level. We’re supposed to be able to make people feel. We’re also supposed to be able to emulate what happens naturally in conversation, right? Well, how the hell do we do that when we’re always posing and posturing… for what, our microphone? We’re not even on camera talent. [laughs] That's kind of the sheer irony of it. We spend a lot of time squaring off our shoulders, concerning ourselves heavily with diaphragmatic breathing, wondering about our head position in relation to the microphone, and really projecting and creating this very external performance. That's not real. That's not natural. And what happens to most of us is that we don't really learn to accept what real or natural or everyday on the mic is until we accept one simple thing. [beep] it. [laughs]

Because until we learn how to say that on mic, your auditions I guarantee don't really land. I know how crazy it sounds, but when actors start to go “meh, [beep] it, I'm just gonna knock out this audition, I’m just gonna do it,” your booking ratio increases so much. You’re nailing things because you’re not as on edge anymore. You’re not over doing it anymore. You’re much more relaxed. Kind of like sitting back, having a beer. See, there are different phases of [beep] it. And initially you just have to learn how to embrace it, how to do it, how to be OK with it, how to not care so much about the outcome of an audition or what's at stake with your audition. When you get to my place in the industry, well, then you’re pretty much here. Because that's me, guys. Zero [beep]s to give. So my sincere hope is that after watching this, you guys will grab a couple of your voiceover friends, sit down and share a little bit of [beep] it with one another.

I'd love to be able to get a good, solid beer burp on camera. That would be epic.

>> Just open your mouth and I can do one on cue.

Gabby: Can you really?

>> Well, I mean I can [burps]

Gabby: Dude, stereo. [laughs]

>> Just like suck in air. [burps]

Gabby: Just drink my [beep] beer.

You’re not getting my beer. This is my beer. This is my beer. It’s also got my backwash in it now.

You too can have your very own bottle of [beep] it, now available for four easy payments of $89.99, available at Target.

It’s a twist off. It’s a twist off. I – bottle opener. It’s a [beep] twist off.

>> [beep] it.

Gabby: [beep] you, beer.

I have never said [beep] it so many times in my life. Please don't show my mom. [laughs]

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