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How Do I Find Voice Acting Classes Near Me? #shorts

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

A great way to get started in Voice Acting is through local group classes. But you have to be careful, there are a lot of scammers out there. Pretty much in all of the arts. They are looking to take advantage of new talent. But there is a way to make sure you don't fall prey to the scammers.

How Do I Find Voice Acting Classes Near Me? #shorts - 0:52

Make sure it is not a sales pitch for something larger! All the performing arts deal with this. There are always people trying to capitalize on other people's want of stardom, of fame - it's that bait and switch BS. That's the stuff I can't stand. As long as it's not that? No, screw it, go! But if they start trying to make some bigger sale of it, that's a problem. Something that I would consider doing: call the local SAG-AFTRA office and find out who, if anyone, they are recommending, and if there are any intro classes that they are a part of, or that they back. Because those will usually be quality, and you will run into less likelihood of that sales pitch crap.

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