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This book is your ultimate how-to, study guide for VO. Comprehensive, clear, and loaded with practical training.  This book will help you to learn and understand:

- How the business of VO operates

- Industry Terms

- Accent Loss & Improvement

- Studio Technology & Studio Building

- How to Create a Demo

- How to Market & Sell Your Voice

- Ways to Find Voiceover Work

- Plus over 20 Performance Lessons


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For voice talent who need assistance with marketing, branding & sales. This book hones these skills:

- Working From Home

- Contact Management

- Accounting

- Outsourcing to Save Time & Money

- Marketing & Promoting Your Voice

- Product Recommendations

- Organization & Time Management

- How to submit and keep agent's attention

- What a VO Agent actually does​

- 1 hour of bonus audio on marketing 


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The only Radio Imaging book (with bonus content for TV Promo).   In this  book you'll learn:

- What Radio Imaging Is & Isn't

- How Imaging is Made

- Audition & Performance Techniques

- Radio Formats

- How to Make an Imaging Demo

- How to Find Imaging Work

- Negotiation Skills & Contracts

- Comes with a coupon for Gabby's Radio Imaging Video Course


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Just got your book VO 101 - your no-nonsense, blunt, “ telling it like it is” style has connected with me.  There are some things in life that just feel right. Your presentation of your philosophy is assuring, to the point, and down to earth. I hope to someday do for other voiceover actors as you have done for me.

Scotty  Schara - New York, NY


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